Dirty Dean! 'Bachelor In Paradise' Star Dean Unglert Continued To Juggle Two Women After Shooting Wrapped

Dirty Dean! 'Bachelor In Paradise' Star Dean Unglert Continued To Juggle Two Women After Shooting Wrapped
Source: ABC

Season four of Bachelor in Paradise is now over, but the drama that dominated the season apparently continued after the cameras quite rolling. During Monday night’s reunion show, Dean Unglert admitted that he continued talking to both Kristina Schulman and Danielle Lombard after the finale of the show, shocking both women.

Unglert and Schulman met on the first day of the season and she says the two “hit it off” immediately. She used her date card right away to spend more time with Unglert. The love triangle was born a little later when Lombard arrived.

Unglert did have feelings for Schulman, but he also found himself drawn to Lombard. When she arrived, she also used her date card as an opportunity to get close to Unglert.


For weeks, Unglert went back and forth between the two women, stringing them both along while he tried to choose between them. Eventually, Schulman got tired of the drama and left the island, and Unglert and Lombard were free to pursue a relationship.

However, on the final day of filming, Unglert was in tears because he had let Schulman go.

“Waking up this morning, knowing Kristina wasn’t here, and knowing that there’s no way I can be in touch with her, it just kills me,” Unglert said. “I actually am in love with this girl, and yet I lost that to pursue something else,”

After that clip aired on the reunion show, Unglert said he did still have feelings for Schulman, while Schulman revealed that she had “love” for him because of their “intense” connection.


It was at this moment that Lombard dropped a bomb, asking Unglert why he called her an hour after they left the show and finished filming. She then said the two had a relationship after the show was over.

Schulman seemed shocked by the revelation, and replied that she also had been seeing Unglert after the show ended.


Unglert admitted that he was still indecisive about the two women.

Later, the three appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show , and the awkwardness continued.  PopSugar claimed you could feel the discomfort “burning through the screen.”

When DeGeneres asked Schulman if there was a chance for her and Unglert, she replied that it would only be possible if he “learned from his mistakes.”


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