Dionne Warwick Is Taking Over Twitter —  Will Write Your Bio But Not Her Own!

Dionne Warwick Is Taking Over Twitter —  Will Write Your Bio But Not Her Own!
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Dionne Warwick has discovered social media, and the world is better for it. She has a tendency to go viral, and she's currently trending due to her newest tweets. Sharing a message with her 518,000 followers, Dionne announced she would write a bio for those who request one using her hashtag. Though she vowed to write bios until she has effectively taken over Twitter , she isn't writing one for herself. She also made it clear that brand accounts can send her some money for bios.

Dionne shared the following Tweet.

Rule: When you join the app, you have to have a bio written by me or it doesn’t count. It has been declared. Quote twote this with my hash tag #dionnewarwick ! (cc: I won’t stop doing my bios until I have taken over Twitter. So, there!)

The tweet is going viral with people asking for Dionne to write their bios. Meanwhile, Dionne's own Twitter bio states the following.

I am not writing a bio

People are taking Dionne up on her offer and she's doling out Twitter bios to those who request one. You may see Dionne's tweet below.

One user requested a bio. They asked this: ' Hey #dionnewarwick can you write my bio to make this dog hot? @dionnewarwick

Dionne responded with this bio. I'm one spicy dog ! This bio was written by Dionne Warwick .

What do you think about Dionne Warwick's Tweet offer? Are you a fan of the singer? She seems to enjoy being on social media and is on Instagram and Twitter. She even took part in a live "twote" fest for the new movie Coming 2 America . Fans enjoy spending time with Dionne, affectionately referred to as "Auntie" on Twitter and the interaction is wholesome, fun, and enjoyable for many.

Do you follow Dionne Warwick on Twitter? Have you seen her other viral threads? What do you think about her latest campaign?

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