Dina Lohan's Boyfriend Jesse Nadler Tells 'Catfish' Host Nev Shulman 'Leave Your Number, I'll Talk'

Dina Lohan's Boyfriend Jesse Nadler Tells 'Catfish' Host Nev Shulman 'Leave Your Number, I'll Talk'
Credit: Source: Celebrity Big Brother/Twitter

Dina Lohan's private love life became public news when during her stay on Celebrity Big Brother, she revealed she had a boyfriend of five years whom she had never met. His name is Jesse Nadler and after MTV's Catfish host Nev Schulman tracked him down, Nadler announced he's willing to speak to him.

Lohan's fans are concerned that she is in danger of being catfished, but Jesse Nadler says that is not the case and he loves Dina and will never hurt her. If the two were trying to keep the relationship on the down-low, the cat is out of the bag and the public is very concerned for Dina's safety.

Every attempt Jesse Nadler has made to assuage the public has been to no avail. Now that he has been sought out, and responded, some are accusing him of trying to cash in on the publicity.

Others say that is unlikely since he has been silent and in the background for five years, according to Dina. Now that Jesse Nadler's identity has been revealed and Dina Lohan's fans genuine concern for her, look for Nadler to speak more publicly about their relationship.

Make no mistake about it; Lohan's fans want Jesse Nadler thoroughly investigated and his background checked now that they find something fishy about the nature of their relationship and the pair not meeting in five years.

Dina Lohan is best known for being the momager of Lindsay, Aliana, Cody, and Michael Lohan Jr, as well as producing and starring in the E! series Living Lohan .

Dina's fans are also concerned for her due to her past, public relationship issues.

Though there are many rumors and stories, it has been made clear to many due to comments the Lohans have made in the media, that the household was dysfunctional at best and had moments of troubling and disturbing violence at worst.

Though the full details of what transpired in the Lohan household may never be known, there has been enough discord to cause fans to worry for Dina's safety moving forward.

Her fans aren't playing around. They want Jesse Nadler checked out before she makes a life-changing decision such as marriage.

Jesse Nadler replied to Celebrity Big Brother's Twitter declaring his love for Dina, but her fans weren't having it. One challenged his statement that he is "old school" and doesn't use Face Time by pointing out he was on Twitter.

Another person commented that his profile was so fishy it had whiskers.

What do you think? Do you believe Jesse Nadler is hiding something or do you give him the benefit of the doubt? Should Nev Schulman have a special episode of Catfish just for Dina and Jesse?


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