Dina Lohan Dumped By Online Boyfriend Jesse Nadler Right Before They Are Set To Meet In Person

Dina Lohan Dumped By Online Boyfriend Jesse Nadler Right Before They Are Set To Meet In Person
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Dina Lohan has been dumped by her online boyfriend of five years, Jesse Nadler, right before the two were finally going to meet in person.

TMZ broke the news that two months after their romance was made public on Celebrity Big Brother , Lohan and Nadler are over. He revealed to the website he ended the relationship after the two had a heated argument over one of his Facebook posts.

Nadler explained he promoted a book on his Facebook page. The post angered Lohan because she thought it was about another woman. Despite him insisting it had nothing to do with another woman, he claims Lindsay's mom lost it on him. Her actions resulted in Nadler dumping Lohan after five years of online dating.

Although the couple had not shared the specific date they would meet, the 53-year-old, who lives in San Francisco, shared with TMZ last month an in-person meeting was in the works. Since her stint on Celebrity Big Brother , Lohan has been flooded with various TV offers. She was going to combine her Los Angeles business trip with meeting her long-time love.

Dina Lohan and Jesse Nadler's romance became public knowledge after she shared their love story with her houseguests. Nearly everyone in and out of the house thought the famous mom was being catfished since the couple never even Facetime. Lohan's story caught so much attention on social media, Catfish host Nev" Schulman promised to find out what was really going on with the romance.

Shortly after the media frenzy, Nadler posted a photo of himself on social media confirming he was mama Lohan's mystery man . Schulman later confirmed Nadler was the mystery man and also his intentions with the reality TV star were genuine.

Their romance was not typical by any means. Five years of dating but never meeting in person is seriously strange. Now that Nadler has ended the relationship just as they were working towards meeting in person, is adding fuel to the fire that there is a lot more to this story than meets the eye.

Lohan has not yet commented on her newly single status but hopefully either she or Lindsay will speak out soon. The later was never a fan of her mom's online romance.

It looks like mama Lohan will never meet her online boyfriend. Nadler shares with TMZ he does not foresee the couple getting back together. What do you think of the timing of Nadler breaking up with Lohan? Doesn't seem a little suspicious?

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