Dina Lohan Back Together With Online 'Catfish' Boyfriend, Jesse Nadler Gets Her An Engagement Ring

Dina Lohan Back Together With Online 'Catfish' Boyfriend, Jesse Nadler Gets Her An Engagement Ring
Credit: Source: Dina Lohan/Jesse Nadler

Dina Lohan is back together with her boyfriend who was once accused of catfishing her. Since Dina Lohan and Jesse Nadler broke up, the two are back together and reports now say they are getting engaged. According to recent reports, Dina Lohan was worried that Jesse was somehow involved with another woman and that led to the breakup.

Now, TMZ confirms they have spoken directly to Jesse Nadler and they say that not only has he proposed, but he bought Dina an engagement ring. The couple still has yet to meet and some of Dina's fans are growing concerned for her well being again.

News of Jesse Nadler's and Dina Lohan's relationship came to light during Celebrity Big Brother when Kandi Burruss and Tamar Braxton found out Dina had been involved in an online relationship for five years. Tamar and Kandi weren't having it and immediately told Dina she was being catfished.

The Internet freaked out and fans immediately sent messages to Dina warning her that something was very wrong with her relationship.

TMZ spoke to Jesse Nadler and stated he told them the following.

"Dina reached out to him on Sunday night and they hashed everything out. He says she apologized for wrongly accusing him of chatting up another lady, and now everything's fine and dandy."

You may see TMZ's report below.

Dina Lohan has publicly spoken about her past abusive relationships where she has stated she was a victim not only of emotional abuse but also physical abuse.

It is because of Dina's past that her fans are worried she may be getting herself into more than she can handle.

Many were surprised to hear that Dina Lohan hadn't met Jesse in five years and even since all of the public scrutinies since her appearance on Celebrity Big Brother the couple still hadn't met.

According to the report, Jesse Nadler will actually give Dina the ring when he meets her for the first time.

What do you think about Dina Lohan and Jesse Nadler? Do you think this is a catfish relationship? Do you think Dina Lohan should accept Jesse's proposal? Should they meet, let alone get married?


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