Diddy's Recent Post Triggers Backlash From Fans

Diddy's Recent Post Triggers Backlash From Fans
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Diddy shared a post on his social media account hat managed to trigger a backlash from his fans. It's a simple, black picture, but some people had to say a lot.

A follower said: 'Watch the Matrix. It's all planned, and it's just getting started.'

Some people criticized Diddy for not living a tough life as most black people do.

A commenter wrote: 'Diddy hasn’t lived a black life or been with a black woman since he had the kids. How many black people have a white stylist, drink and sell vodka and live anywhere at any time? 🧐🤔The oppressed looking more like success. God bless 🇺🇸.' More fans agreed.

Another follower said: 'So any black person who's living well is not living a black life? There are many successful black people who are living very well, and they are living" black" lives!'

Someone else posted this: 'Everything is precisely orchestrated with key players on the enemy’s team.'

One commenter brought up the case of George Floyd: 'I need to comment abt the post you put up abt Derek Chauvin being released from jail posting bond. It is utterly disgusting that he even has a bond to post. He should not have any freedom if Mr. George Floyd-at the foot of Mr. Chauvin suffocated Mr. Floyd till he could no longer breathe. I am outraged when I envision Mr. Chauvin cooking at home when Mr. Floyd will never again taste a delicious piece of fish. I am outraged.'

In other recent news, Diddy  shared a couple of posts in the memory of the late  Kim Porter . He shared a photo featuring the gorgeous lady and a video with one of their daughters. Check out the posts. 

Recently, Diddy has been supporting Machine Gun Kelly. He posted a message for him on his social media account in which he’s praising Kelly.

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