Diddy's Mom Made Sure Christmas Came Early

Diddy's Mom Made Sure Christmas Came Early
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It is no secret that rapper and media mogul Diddy is doing well for himself, and he has never really shown any signs of being disappointed with his life.

And yet, some of the closest people to him are still doing their best to give the entertainer a comfortable life full of luxuries, even though he might not need any of that stuff directly.

His mother was a more recent example, with an extravagant gift for Diddy for his birthday, which was heavily discussed by many of his fans.

The new Cadillac Escalade he got is indeed a thing of beauty, and many of his fans proclaimed how much they would love to get their hands on one of those themselves.

And while some were a bit cynical with their expectations about the rapper's reaction to the gift, Diddy completely blew everyone away by making it crystal clear that his mother had made a perfect choice, jumping around like a small kid.

This led to some humorous comments from some of his followers, with some noting that Diddy has a bit of an expensive taste, and it can take a lot of money to keep the rapper happy.

However, others have noted that Diddy is not in a state where he desperately needs a gift like that. Instead, he did what every good son would do and made his mother as happy as he could.

To that end, Diddy has drawn lots of positive comments from his followers, with some noting that he was acting far better than the majority of his fellow entertainers would in a situation like this.

One fan said: "Happy Birthday @diddy What you’ve built can only be matched by your continued growth and legacy. It would be easy to stop after all you’ve done...but as you told us, “Can’t Stop, Won’t stop.” 🎶🎵Blessed to see what God has for your second half. 🙏🏾🎂🍾"

Another commenter shared: "I've known you for over half of your already half-life. I love you, and I will always be there beside you.. supporting you and watching you continue to grow and to be the fantastic human, father, businessman, and friend that you are. Love you. ❤️💛💚"

This backer wrote: "Congratulations, King, the next 50, is going to be even crazier!!! ✊🏾"

Diddy is great son.

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