Diddy's Latest Video Has Some Fans Slamming Him: 'Stop Forcing Us!'

Diddy's Latest Video Has Some Fans Slamming Him: 'Stop Forcing Us!'
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Diddy continues with the political posts on his social media account. He recently shared a video that has some fans and followers criticizing him like there's no tomorrow.

Check out what's this all about below.

Someone said: 'Biden will sell America to Islam and there will be terrorism everywhere. Don't vote because we have a black woman at that party.'

Another follower posted this message: 'Puffy stop forcing Black people to vote for democrats. We are not slaves, and we have the right to vote for who we want.'

Someone else wrote: 'Kamala wants to mandate vaccines into your children. Just for your info 🙏 god bless,' and another follower said: 'Take that down. They can disqualify your vote.'

One other commenter posted this message: 'Hope you’re voting in Cali Big Homie. If you’re voting in NY, this post is illegal per passed legislation.'

A follower said: 'lol 😂 she’s the one who locked up all your brothers wow diddy !!!!' and someone else posted: 'That’s the difference between followers and leaders, Lil Wayne A TRUE LEADER.👑'

Someone else said: 'God bless our president!!! Donald J Trump,' and another follower told this to Diddy: 'Ok, thanks for sharing, but I’m pretty sure it’s illegal to show your ballot like this...'

A person said: 'You are for the working class, not the rich. Thank you for your support. 🤝'

Not too long ago, Diddy made headlines when he shared another Nigeria-related post on his social media account, and a lot of followers bashed him for this specific reason – they said that people need actions, not social media posts.

In other recent news,  Diddy  is a proud dad, that’s for sure.  He is now praising his son , King Combs, and he dropped his new video on social media, leaving fans in awe.


Other than this, Diddy is giving his best life.

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