Diddy's Fans Gush Over His New 'Salt And Pepper' Hair - 'He Looks Good!'

Diddy's Fans Gush Over His New 'Salt And Pepper' Hair - 'He Looks Good!'
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Diddy’s new look was a pleasant surprise in the eyes of many of his followers and they did not hesitate to let him know just how much they liked him with a beard and salt and pepper hair! The rapper took to social media to share a clip that featured a well thought out message meant to call for people to show true support to healthcare officials.

This was, of course, an effort from him to contribute positively to eradicating the COVID-19 strand of coronavirus.

However, a lot of his followers focused more on his new quarantine look than anything else, gushing over his visible gray hairs and beard.

In the beginning of the clip, Diddy urged everyone: ‘Let’s get people involved.’

He went on to say that he wanted everybody to just ‘step this superhero s**t’ up now that the whole world is dealing with such a huge crisis.

What Diddy really wanted, more specifically, was for others to support all healthcare workers that risk their lives every day to save others already infected.

Also, he slammed all those ‘men with grey’ hair that are controlling our destiny.

Speaking of grey hair, fans were quick to point out that the star had some grey in his usually black hair as well!

Here are a few of the reactions he got in the comment section: ‘So you mean to tell me all y’all men been dyeing y’all hair this whole time.’ / ‘and I’m not mad at it. They deal with us doing the same so.’ / ‘he looks good with his gray hair.’ / ‘Diddy with grey hair ?? Who would of thought!’ / ‘right, it looks good on him.’ / ‘Wow, he looking his age now dang!’ / ‘Luv the salt/pepper.’

In the meantime, people may have been fixated on his looks but Diddy’s message was meant to be deep and philosophical.

He wanted the population to ‘wake up and know what we’re into and try to figure out how to f***ing save each other. F**k the politics and the bureaucracy.. old hair, white men with grey hair, f***ing controlling our destiny? …they don’t have power. We have the power. The power of unity cannot be broken.’

To check out the rest of his inspiring speech, check out the Instagram post above!

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