Diddy Worries Fans With His New Look Amidst Cassie's New Romance With Alex Fine - Watch The Video

Diddy Worries Fans With His New Look Amidst Cassie's New Romance With Alex Fine - Watch The Video
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Diddy sports a new look these days amidst Cassie's new hot romance with Alex Fine. Just recently, the lady was seen enjoying a date night with her new man, and some of her fans said that they have never seen her happier.

On the other hand, people have been showing contradictory opinions regarding Cassie’s new relationship for a while.

This happened especially since TMZ reported a while ago that the two of them were dating while she was still together with Diddy.

But other sources denied this and said that Cassie started dating her trainer just after she and Diddy were over for good.

Now, Diddy sports a new look and his fans are not really loving it. Check out the video shared by The Shade Room.

When TSR asked people whether they liked the new look someone answered: 'Not really but he's going through the loss of KP when he regroups, he'll shape it up.'

Another follower said 'All I can say is "men, give the women u love roses while she can still smell them" ... He loved her more than he loved ANYONE.. but just didn't work out.. smh men.'

Someone else wrote 'I believe he needs a hug, it’s been a rough 2019 so far for him.'

Another person also believes that Diddy is not doing great these days and said 'He going through something. I have never seen him with facial hair. He's so into his appears that he did skin commercials. You can tell Puffy is going through something. Let him be. May God give him the peace, strength, and comfort to move on.'

What's your opinion on Diddy's new beard?

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  • Denise
    Denise Jan 29, 2019 8:48 AM PST

    I think it's more of a combination of occurrences. I would not contribute this all to one break up. He has went through a lot these past few months.

  • Derrick
    Derrick Jan 29, 2019 6:21 AM PST

    I don't like all that hair. He should ask his daughters

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