Diddy Wants To Use His Power To Help During The Global Crisis - Check Out This Heartfelt Message Of A Teary-Eyed Rapper

Diddy Wants To Use His Power To Help During The Global Crisis - Check Out This Heartfelt Message Of A Teary-Eyed Rapper
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Diddy shared a message on his social media account in which he's telling fans that people who have power should unite and help fight this global crisis we're all in. The coronavirus pandemic is shaking healthcare systems and economies, and all the help is needed these days.

People are social distancing these days, trying to help at containing the virus as much as possible.

Check out the emotional video that the rapper shared on his social media account.

'We can all help - We can’t just sit back and leave our healthcare workers abandoned and unprotected. Over the next few days, I’ll be locked in and focused on finding ways to directly support our healthcare workers, but I don’t have all the answers. If you want to help or have any great ideas, please reach out to me now! God bless us all. #teamlove,' Diddy captioned the clip that he shared on his social media account.

Someone said: 'Just work on building internal immune systems in people, and we are halfway there. The stuff they don’t tell us we need on the news. It’s all about govt stimulus and bailouts when it should be first and foremost about building our immunity and how to do that with vitamins A, B, C, D3, zinc, etc. I haven’t heard a single news source talk about this in the past month. Immune compromised people are the most affected. It’s not rocket science, but everyone all worried about their business and investments before health it seems. The fight should be getting our bodies as strong as possible with diet, fasting, saunas, breathing, and workouts. We’d probably kill this thing in its tracks.'

A commenter wrote: 'I am a healthcare worker doing Covid 19 drive-thru testing, we need N95 masks, hair covers, disposable gowns or bunny suits, and face shields.'

One other follower who is a nurse also had a few words for Diddy: '@diddy I’m a nurse.. because of this pandemic supplies to protect ourselves have run low. We need masks, gloves, gowns, eye shields, goggles, etc.. If nurse and doctors and nursing assistant don’t have what we need to protect ourselves we can’t work, and we run the risk of acquiring corona and still can’t work and where does that leave the patients that need our help. My suggestion is to find a way as a private business to reproduce what we need. It’s obvious now that the current companies cannot keep up with supply and demand.'

Diddy has been showing his gratitude on social media these days for everyone involved in the fight against coronavirus.

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