Diddy Triggers Massive Debate Among Fans After Posting This Photo Featuring A Black Baby Girl

Diddy Triggers Massive Debate Among Fans After Posting This Photo Featuring A Black Baby Girl
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Diddy has been criticized a lot lately with people saying that he's all talk and not much action. He has been showing his support for BLM and his hate for President Donald Trump for quite a while now.

Check out one recent post that has people praising him in the comments, while others saying that he's promoting something that's wrong.

A follower said: 'Thank you so much ❤️', and someone else posted this: 'this isn’t a compliment for black girls. What he’s doing is actually masculinizing the image of black girls. There is sinister propaganda to masculinize the image of black girls.'

One other follower said: 'This is so true and so beautiful, but I'm also gonna say all girls can do anything coz thats what I love and dont want a division nowadays I want every young girl no matter race religion colour etc .... to be able to do ANYTHING they want.'

A commenter said: 'Thank you so much for featuring our tee on @amariyahjai !!!' and someone else posted this: 'This shirt is made by the talented family over @typicalblackfamily.'

Someone else wrote: 'loving the shirt!!! Simply adorable!!' and a follower said: 'Tag the small black business @diddy @typicalblacktees 🔥🔥💪🏾💪🏾 thank you!'

A commenter posted this: 'Omg we love @typicalblacktees & all of their incredible tees! @amariyahjai, your babe, looks precious!'

One follower said: 'Look at this strong, beautiful little person! Love her tee from @typicalblacktees too!'

Someone else posted this message: 'Correction: All girls can do anything. We have to stop being exclusive and divisive. I understand the message, but we are not victims!'

A fan said: '“Poor kids are just as bright as white kids”- your president Joe Biden on the children of POC.'


In other recent news, Diddy had the best weekend for his birthday. He was celebrating his anniversary on a private island, and Draya was partying with him. 

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