Diddy Tells People To Use Their White Privilege To Make Black Lives Matter

Diddy Tells People To Use Their White Privilege To Make Black Lives Matter
Credit: Philadelphia Inquirer

Diddy just told his followers that people would use their white privilege to make Black Lives Matter. Check out the clip he shared on his social media account.

Someone said: 'The truth will set everybody free from this backwards thinking,' and another follower posted this message: 'White people listen to white people. We need more people like this spreading the word.'

A commenter wrote: 'This is the year of exposure and enlightenment- one way or the other,' and someone else posted this message: 'Mr. Sean, one day we will work together 💕🔥I hope you will be ready for that day 💖 Thank you for your wisdom and strength brother.'

A follower said: 'You never doing nothing just talk here in-app lol why You no got out You black man,' and someone else posted this message: 'Good day I respect that, soon the whole World will put respect on our name, we love u all, be safe.'

Someone said: 'What a good statement, “I grew up in the south and I still know an out racial inequality”. Props to him.'

On e Instagrammer said: 'It's really simple ... you're either for racism or against racism. There is no grey area when it comes to this! So when you hear a White person complaining about Black Lives Matter; they are for racism and they want to keep the system the way it is. #blacklivesmatter.'

Not too long ago, Diddy told his fans that the time of change has come.

He shared a video on his social media account related to what’s been going on these days all over the US. Some followers completely support him, but other people ask everyone protesting to stop the violence and the looting.

People supported his vies but some of them said that he should also be out there in the streets.

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  • S.G. Pittman
    S.G. Pittman Jul 6, 2020 8:48 PM PDT

    White privilege is a racist statement. Maybe it should be "White collar privileged". Black lives matter is also a racist statement. There is no dis proportionate amount of blacks being killed by police. On the contraire, more whites have been killed by police, about 3000 more. ALL LAW ABIDING CITIZENS LIVES MATTER. PERIOD. Put a color anywhere and it becomes racial. If someone started a " white lives matter" organization it would be called racist. If the Latino community started a "Latino lives matter," it would be acceptable even though their population in the federal prison system is far more then any other race, and only half as many of that race has been killed by police. Are the police bias towards asians? Less then 500 have been killed by police. They must be better at concealing crime then whites, latinos and blacks. Or maybe it is because Asians are less likely to commit crime. Show me the Caucasian Collage Fund. (I know there is a United Negro Collage Fund.) Where are the "whites only collages"? (There are at least half a dozen black only collages in the USA.) The only white organization that exsists in the USA, to my knowledge is the Klu Klux Klan. And we all know those idiots are blatant racists. Free Mason's allow all races in their ranks. George Floyd is one. A 33rd degree Master Mason, the highest level you can be. Why is there not any other white only organizations? Because ONLY whites can be racist. And appearantly only whites are privlaged. Although I've never seen the privlaged side. Especially when a cop was shooting at me. People are people. What color they are shouldn't be in the equation. There are people of good character and law abiding and people of not so good charactor and criminals. Doesnt matter what color they are. Unless you are a globalist and you can divide the people of a country using racial issues, then your a tool, a white tool and a black tool. You become a tool by your own choice and your own ignorance. I AM AN AMERICAN. What are you?

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