Diddy Supports The 'Free Tianna Coalition' - See His Fans' Reactions

Diddy Supports The 'Free Tianna Coalition' - See His Fans' Reactions
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Diddy is another celebrity that supports Tianna Arata. Check out the message that he shared on his social media account.

Someone said: 'They’re trying to give this little girl 8 yrs for civil disobedience. While being arrested by numerous police officers, it was said she resisted arrest and also hurt one of the officers in the process.'

A follower posted: 'Drop the charges! Free the sista!#FreeTianna #DropTheCharges I'm with you all the way. My baby, my king, and my soulmate Amen.'

Another follower wrote: 'Drop Elias Bautista’s charges too! Tianna and Elias were arrested on the same night. Visit the link tree in my bio for more information & to sign both Tianna’s petition and Elias’s petition for both their charges to be dropped. #HandsOffTianna #HandsOffElias #DropTheCharges.'

A commenter said: 'Thank you for using your influence to help my friend. 💗'

One other follower posted this message: 'Yes 🙏🏽🦋 thank you diddy this is a huge issue- as a student that goes to San Luis Obispo the racism for poc especially black men and women it’s just awful! Thank you for speaking up! The world will know what happened here.🙏🏽🦋

Someone else said: 'Hopefully she did not choose an attorney in the same county where the courts are located because that’s is a big hell no no because the attorney may be the judge’s courtroom buddy. Did she disrespect the police at all or have a past criminal history? Also, their is an influence from the prosecutor(judge’s court buddy)and the police which equals 15 years in jail. There are some additional details missing.'

Diddy praised one of the greatest albums at which he worked. You should check out the post that he shared the other day on his social media account.

In other recent news,  Diddy  shared a  photo  on his social media account that managed to shock some followers and fans.

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