Diddy Shocks Some People By Saying That What's Happening In The U.S. Now Is 'Karma. 400 Years Of It.'

Diddy Shocks Some People By Saying That What's Happening In The U.S. Now Is 'Karma. 400 Years Of It.'
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Diddy has been vocal on his social media account these days amidst the tragedies that are taking place in the streets, starting with the killing of George Floyd. The rapper managed to shock some of his fans and followers when he said that what's going on now is nothing else but 'karma.'

While some followers agreed, others said that this is not the way in which things should be fixed - through violence, hate, and looting.

Check out the message that Diddy shared on social media:

Someone said: 'Hate only breeds hate violence only creates more violence supposed to love your enemy more than you love yourself,' and another follower posted this: 'Invite them to loot your home.'

Somoene else said: 'It’s also the 99th anniversary of the Black Wall Street massacre,' and another follower posted this message: 'Ok I wanna see these celebrities that’s promoting the violence to actually go out and be violent.'

One Instagram met said: 'Not through destroying. I don’t believe in more pain,' and a fan told Diddy: 'Diddy please take leadership. We need you, we need strong people like you.'

Someone else wrote: 'You are fuelling the fire diddy. There are small businesses that are being destroyed and communities that will not recover because of these “ protests “ . It doesn’t affect you in your million dollar mansion. There is a better way to effect change.'

A commenter said: 'Air jordans and sneakers only look right on us blacks ....when other races or nationalities wear them, it just looks goofy or outta place or make u guys look like Malibu most wanted or kip wit the doo rag from napoleon dynamite movie ..... us blacks created the sneaker culture and that’s why they only look cool on us ...... if u see another race or nationality with cool sneakers on, make sure u point & laugh cause it never looks right or fit right on them ...... us blacks rule the sneaker culture with an iron fist.'

What do you think about what Diddy had to say?

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