Diddy Shares A Message In The Memory Of Kim Porter

Diddy Shares A Message In The Memory Of Kim Porter
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Diddy shared a message in the memory of his late love, Kim Porter . Check out the post that he shared on his social media account.

'Miss you so Fuckin much!!! 🖤✨💫⚡️ #TheLoveEra for you @ladykp 👑' Diddy captioned his post.

Someone said: 'My friend and kids godmother such a queen your legacy lives on queen Kim 🕊🕊💘💝' and one other follower said: 'Damn she was beyond beautiful. Almost like perfect 😍😍'

One other follower said: 'She’s still with you forever remember that,' and one othe rfollower said: 'the page in my bio literally has more than 3000 fights posted 😏 thank me later.. 😈'

Someone else said: 'Karens been real quiet since I made this account 👀😈' and a follower posted this: 'That quote that’s say we don’t know why we have till....... “I hope to learn from everything around me “'

One other follower said: '@diddy I know the feeling it hurts so bad, I lost my fiancee 9 months ago..we just got to push, and Pray it hurts but One second at a time 💪🏾💯💜😘'

Also, Diddy   shows his fans how he celebrated 420 Day. Check out the photos that he shared on his social media account here.

One other follower said: 'This is the life that I’m supposed to living Lord,' and someone else said: 'Lost a lot of respect for this dude with this entire Black Robb situation. We all grew up Repping Bad Boy for you to turn your back on one of your team players no matter if he had left the label he was once on your team you as the proud leader should of just stepped up and do what leaders do Handle the business !!!!!!! Please don't be @ me just calling it as I see it !!!!!! @diddy'


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