Diddy Sends Love To His Ex, Cassie Following Her Grandmother’s Passing!

Diddy Sends Love To His Ex, Cassie Following Her Grandmother’s Passing!
Credit: Source: billboard.com

Diddy’s ex, Cassie is mourning the passing of her ‘beautiful Grandma,’ and the man made sure to show her some love and support a few days after the loss. Check out the rapper’s sweet message on social media.

Earlier today, Diddy took to his Instagram account to post a stunning black and white picture of Cassie which he captioned with ‘I <3 Cassie.’

It’s been six days since she revealed that her grandma, named Verna, had tragically died.

It is definitely a very nice gesture during a really painful period of time in his ex’s life but fans are now wondering what his declaration means for their relationship!

Are Diddy and Cassie getting back together?

According to a source that chatted with HollywoodLife back in October, while Cassie still has feelings for the man, it might not be enough for them to reunite.

‘If Sean thinks he can just snap his fingers and Cassie will come running, he can think again. Sure, Cassie still loves him, but he’s messed her around, and he’s made her so many shallow promises that she’s not just going to fall back into his arms the minute he asks. Will they get back together again? Yeah, probably,’ the insider dished.

But they went on to explain that ‘Cassie is going to make him work for it at least a bit, and she’s going to make sure that it’s on her terms. Cassie wants a baby, and she wants some kind of commitment from Sean, so he better be prepared to put a ring on it.’

This is apparently what she wants, and if Diddy is not ready to comply, he can say goodbye to the beautiful woman for good because she has no intention to compromise.

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