Diddy Reportedly 'Heartbroken' Over Former Life Partner Kim Porter's Shocking Passing

Diddy Reportedly 'Heartbroken' Over Former Life Partner Kim Porter's Shocking Passing
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The mother of his children and longtime ex-girlfriend Kim Porter has passed away unexpectedly, and Diddy is reportedly mourning her shocking passing at the age of only 47! According to an insider report by E! News, the rapper is ‘devastated’ over the bad news.

Furthermore, the outlet claims that he is now with their children, comforting them and trying to be strong for their sake.

As fans know, Diddy and the late model were in an on again, off again relationship for no less than 13 years and during that time, they welcomed three kids – twins, D’Lila and Jessie James, 11, as well as 20-year-old Christian.

They officially broke up in 2007 but continued to co-parent, of course.

One source tells E! News that Kim and Diddy were still best of friends and loved one another a lot despite having no romantic involvement anymore.

Apparently Diddy and the kids are not the only ones devastated by Kim’s death!

The woman was well loved and respected by everyone who knew her, and the passing has hit all those close to her like a ton of bricks.

Kim Porter was found dead in her house yesterday morning.

Talking about her bond with Diddy, Kim once told OK! Magazine that ‘We may be apart, but we will always be together as a family. It is not a situation where 2 people break up, and they cannot stand each other. We are still friends, so it makes for an easy breakup.’

In an interview of his own, this time for JET magazine, Diddy also gushed over Kim, saying: ‘Kim's an incredible mother to our kids. We have been part of each other's lives for so many years, and I've always admired her courage and strength. We are the best of friends.’

Rest in Peace, Kim, you will be missed!

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