Diddy Receives Backlash From Fans Following This Nigeria-Related Post

Diddy Receives Backlash From Fans Following This Nigeria-Related Post
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Diddy shared another Nigeria-related post on his social media account, and a lot of followers bashed him for this specific reason - they said that people need actions, not social media posts.

Someone said: 'Pray for republic democratic of Congo too🙏not only Nigeria,' and another follower bashed Diddy, saying: 'We don’t need this type of energy we need actions 💔.' More people agreed.

One fan defined him and said: 'If he acts without speaking, the people are going to dog him like they're dogging Beyonce.'

A follower said: 'We have to get our stuff together as African and stop this worldwide,' and someone else posted this: 'Thanks for your concern. 🇳🇬 our leaders have failed us.'

One fan wrote: 'In regards to what is happening to our people in Congo! Together we can stop the generation curse the oppressor has put on our minds, on our spirits on our leaders! #freedom isn’t free until our people are breathing and living freely.'

Someone else posted this: 'Africa, in general, is a warzone right now. All the countries have the same problems; it's just the extent that differs. What's worse is these things that are happening ain't nothing new; it's just easier to put it on blast now because of social media. Let's just pray the awareness actually leads to change.'

A commenter said: 'Why Africans want our help? Remember, we lazy and don’t take advantage of our opportunities.'

Another person posted: 'Any human anywhere in the world that is facing injustice have to be known and stopped.🙏🏽🙏🏽♥️'

In other recent news, Diddy  is a proud dad, that’s for sure. He is now praising his son , King Combs, and he dropped his new video on social media, leaving fans in awe.

‘The tradition must continue!! My son @kingcombs is out here working! Check out his new video #LEGACY!! @badboyent AVAILABLE EVERYWHERE!!!’ Diddy captioned his post.

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