Diddy Poses With His Daughters And Has Fans In Awe

Diddy Poses With His Daughters And Has Fans In Awe
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Diddy shared a gorgeous photo on his social media account in which he's together with his lovely daughters and people cannot have enough of these amazing young ladies. Check out the photo below.

Someone commented: 'Legend! I tell the story of how you and T.I. helped launch 2 Chainz career without even meaning to so Thank You!'

A follower said: 'You are such an amazing DAD. In this crazy world at the end of the day the only thing that matters is family and your kids ...' and someone else posted this message: 'Janice 🥰♥️😍. Please give your Mom my love @diddy . Miss her plenty ♥️'

Another commenter said: 'Diddy grew out his beard 😎 look totally different.'

A fan wrote: 'No longer Diddy, Pops is the New Name, wat up Pops,' and someone else posted this message: "Who are those other girls. Do I need to know something you're not telling .am I in for another heartache.'

Other than this, Diddy made sure to offer his full support to Nick Cannon these days.

Someone said: 'I’m POSITIVE on revolt nick will be able to discuss things like how the government never abolished slavery and has made it legal in our Constitution under the 13th amendment. SLAVERY NEVER ENDED.'

One follower posted this message: 'He may have stated it incorrectly, but the man wasn't far off point. A picture says a thousand words.'

A hater wrote 'And Puffy Daddy, little Diddy, whatever this clown's name is who builds his career on Biggie's grave, confirms that he supports black supremacists.'

Someone else posted this: 'This is what it feels like to have “so much power” and be “in charge of everything”. But go on and fight ignorance with more ignorance.'


Other than this, Diddy shared a post on his Twitter account regarding an important issue that should definitely be addressed these days. It’s about mental health in the black community .

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