Diddy Pays Tribute To Kim Porter Once More - 'I Miss You'

Diddy Pays Tribute To Kim Porter Once More - 'I Miss You'
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Once again, Diddy took to social media to pay yet another tribute to the mother of his children. As you know, Kim Porter tragically passed away leaving behind four young ones and a pained ex.

The star and the model were not together when she lost her life but Diddy still mourned her passing and paid multiple tributes to her.

This new post featured a pic of Kim posing outside with her hands as if they were around the sun, playing with perception.

It’s a really nice snap and has a warm vibe, really managing to say a lot.

In the caption, Diddy wrote: ‘@ladykp I MISS YOU 🖤.’

He and Kim were on and off for years and had four children together during their time together.

The man adopted her 28 year old son Quincy, fathered by Al B. Sure!.

Later on, they welcomed now-21-year-old Christian and twin girls, D’Lila Star and Jessie James, 12.

In 2007 they broke up for good but still remained close since they shared kids together.

Sadly, back in November, she was found dead in her house because of pneumonia complications. She was only 47.

Diddy made it very clear that he was deeply affected by the tragedy but has been leaning on his family, just as they have been leaning on him.

Ever since the passing, he’s been spending a lot of time with the kids, as they’ve been spotted out and about together.

The star even previously admitted his regret over never marrying her.

Fans have been very supportive as well, writing to Diddy things like: ‘Prayers for you and your babies!! Talk to her she is with you!’ / ‘She is and will forever be at your and her children’s side 🙏🏾🕊🙏🏾.’ / ‘You’re doing so well with the kids @diddy She’s very proud of you🙏.’

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