Diddy Opens Up About Being A Single Dad Of 6 And How His Focus Has Changed Since Kim Porter's Tragic Passing

Diddy Opens Up About Being A Single Dad Of 6 And How His Focus Has Changed Since Kim Porter's Tragic Passing
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It’s been a year and three months since the tragic death of Diddy’s ex, Kim Porter and now, the rapper is opening up about how much he’s been focusing on his job as a father of six! The star shared that his ‘thinking had to change’ as a result as well. Here’s how!

Diddy was completely heartbroken when he learned about his ex’s passing after suffering some pneumonia complications.

Ever since then, he’s been working hard when it comes to the parenting of their three biological children as well as the other three from other relationships.

While chatting with Naomi Campbell on the No Filter With Naomi YouTube Live interview series, the rapper opened up about all the changes that took place in his life after the tragedy.

‘We’re really focused on our plan. Taking time to ask the girls and the kids what they really want to do. We started a company called Combs Cartel, which is now our family business and many of their projects will go under that. But, we are trying to just plan and see what we want to take to the next step as a family. Because losing Kim and now being a single father-of-6, my thinking had to change,’ he dished to the supermodel.

He went on to share that ‘I had to really get focused on their futures, ‘cause I know how rough it is out there. So, it is something that they are excited about because they are now part of the family business. They are now ready to step up and be leaders and so it is really about that.’

Diddy made it clear that it’s all about setting goals for the things they want to do so at the end, they come out stronger and better in general.

His parenting also has a racial representation undertone as it turns out, Diddy explaining that he wants them all to have an impact when it comes to the image of a black family and black women and men globally.

Characteristics that he wants associated with black people through his kids are ‘being fearless, and being intelligent and also not taking no shorts.’

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