Diddy, Lori And Steve Harvey's Dinner Together In Italy Was Planned, Source Says

Diddy, Lori And Steve Harvey's Dinner Together In Italy Was Planned, Source Says
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Amid speculations that Diddy and Steve Harvey’s daughter Lori are romantically involved, the rapper was caught on camera enjoying some delicious dinner with the 22 year old and her parents in Italy. While it may have been possible that they just ran into each other and decided to hang out, one source tells HollywoodLife that it was definitely planned.

Steve Harvey and his wife were in Nerano having a meal, when Diddy and their daughter showed up as well.

The insider dished that ‘It seemed too convenient that Lori and Diddy just happened to be in Italy too at the same time so now that the pics are out there it is all making sense. Diddy did not tell anybody he was planning to meet up with Lori in Italy, but they have been spending a lot of time together, so there's no way it was a coincidence. But as far as everybody knew, Diddy was going on a family vacation [and] he just fooled everyone.’

Judging by everyone’s smiles in the photos , it seems like Steve is not against his daughter dating the famous rapper, even though she was previously involved with Diddy’s son.

So if they really are dating, Steve doesn’t seem to have any issues with it, having given them his blessing.

The insider also mentioned that Diddy’s pals are also happy for him and very supportive of the alleged romance.

‘It’s a relief to see him back smiling, as he was destroyed by the loss of Kim Porter. It is a brutal loss. But they’re rebuilding. He's back in a good place and so are his children. They are all doing really well. Kim's still a constant on their minds and a topic of conversation, and it'll always be that way. She is their angel now more than ever. However, life also has to go on, and the sun's shining for them all again.’

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