Diddy Is The Proudest Dad At His Girls' Graduation - Quincy Is Also Excited For His 'Little Agels'

Diddy Is The Proudest Dad At His Girls' Graduation - Quincy Is Also Excited For His 'Little Agels'
Credit: The Blast

Diddy proudly shared some pics with his two daughters' graduating, and people are here for it. Fans have not seen the rapper this happy for a really long time.

Some even believe that spending time with his kids these days is great, especially considering that Cassie has been flaunting her relationship all over social media.

And if you think about the breakdowns that Diddy had not too long ago, especially following Kim Porter's death, it's truly a blessing that he has his kids.

'MY BABIES ARE GRADUATING!!!!! Man shit is real! I FEEL SO GOOD. SO HAPPY. SO PROUD. 🖤 @ladykp,' Diddy captioned one of his posts.

He shared another pic with Quincy as well and said: 'Congratulations @the_combs_twins!!!!! ❤️❤️ We are all so proud of you!!!! @combscartel.'

Kandi Burruss hopped in the comments and said: 'I love watching them grow up! You have a beautiful family. ❤️'

Someone gushed over the family and posted: 'Wow bro. Awesome job of keeping the family together. U appear to be in a great space. Keep it up. Def an inspirational to black males to be in their kids' lives.'

A fan noted that 'Quincy is all Kim! He’s literally the male Kim Porter! Such an amazing guy! Congratulations again girls! ❤️'

Someone had an idea and asked Diddy: 'Can we get a reality show of y’all...a positive one like Rev Run used to have of his family??🙏🏾'

A friend of Diddy's commented: 'Amazing moments like this is what it’s all about. Congratulations Diddy plus 6!!! God bless you guys 🙏🏼❤️🙌🏼'

Quincy also marked this important event on his social media account, saying that he's really proud of his angels.

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