Diddy Is Heartbroken And Regrets Never Marrying The Late Kim Porter

Diddy Is Heartbroken And Regrets Never Marrying The Late Kim Porter
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The shocking and sudden death of Kim Porter has left a lot of pain and regret behind. Apparently, that is the case with her ex, Diddy, as well! The rapper is not only still mourning his baby mama’s passing, but also regrets never marrying her.

This is what Diddy said on social media today!

He posted a pic featuring him and Kim cuddling sweetly, and alongside it, a broken heart emoji.

But that is not all! In the comments, the man admitted that he thinks of what could have been.

It all started when one social media users reminded him that ‘When she was alive you did not wanna marry her.’

In response, Diddy wrote: ‘I know. Played myself smh.’

Kim’s cause of death was determined to be pneumonia and Dr. Reed Wilson previously explained to HollywoodLife that the ‘usual deaths from pneumonia are the elderly, the really young, as well as those with a chronic illness. But occasionally, we also see young and healthy people die, unfortunately.'

'So how does this happen, there's a couple of ways. The pneumonia bug can leave the lung and get into the bloodstream which spreads the bug all over the body very quickly - it is called sepsis.’ So unfortunate!

Diddy posted a heartbreaking message about his ex’s passing back in December as well!

The star wrote in part: ‘Me talking to myself #manifestation #secondbysecond THROUGH THE GRACE OF GOD. HELP ME. HELP ME. GOD PLS HELP ME!!!! PLEASE PRAY FOR ME CAUSE MONEY CANT STOP THE PAIN.’

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