Diddy Has Something To Say About This Year's NYP Party

Diddy Has Something To Say About This Year's NYP Party
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Diddy dropped a message on his social media account about this year's NYE party. Check out the message that he posted on IG below.

A follower said: 'I always look forward to tearing those parties down..... I guess we back at it again next year.'

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Somoene else posted this message: 'Who is asking you this ?! 😩 #NotTheTimeFriends 😭'

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A follower posted this: 'This is responsible. Let’s hope we can travel by the summer next year,' and a commenter said: 'I was wondering why I hadn’t received my invitation in the mail yet...'

Someone else said: 'I love who you have become/becoming. Man of God, great son and father, role model, exhibiting wisdom. Keep it going; our generation has to set the example; they are watching! So proud of you!'

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A follower said: 'Gotta stay safe! 🙌💜 thank you for doing your part @diddy. Happy holidays to you and your family.'

Someone else posted this: 'Mama ain't raise no fool thank u for having common sense @diddy 😘' and a follower posted this message: 'I don’t blame ya for it! Look out for your health and safety is always a flex I’m here for💯❤️.'

Another follower said: 'Just trying to stop by the island for the food @diddy. And we got some film business to discuss,' and a commenter posted this: 'It’s for the BETTER @diddy smart, wise think for the future !!! 💯'

Not too long ago, Diddy shared a motivational message for his fans out there on social media. Check out his words that had a lot of people praising him.

‘One of the secrets to happiness,’ Diddy posted.

Also, in other news, Diddy  is one of the many celebrities who celebrated Teyana Taylor’s birthday with a post on social media.


Check out the clip  that he shared in order to mark the event.

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