Diddy Has Great News For His Fans: 'Making The Band' Returns In 2020

Diddy Has Great News For His Fans: 'Making The Band' Returns In 2020
Credit: BET

Not too long ago, it was reported that Diddy might be preparing a surprise for his fans. He told people a few days ago that he got a call from MTV and got an interesting proposal from them.

The proposal was about a show called Making The Band .

It seems that MTV called him and asked him if he wants to team up and revive the show.

Diddy really wanted to check this with his fans to see their opinion. Here’s the video he shared on his social media account, telling his fans all about this:

The Shade Room posted a video in which Diddy announces that the show will indeed be back in 2020.

Some people are excited at the news and other followers don't show that much enthusiasm.

Someone said, 'I auditioned for you years ago for a gig in Miami and your choreographer cut me cause I didn't have the look😏 You can make up for it today by letting me be a guest choreographer on "Making The Band" 💪🏾'

A follower wrote: 'How is he returning with making the band when he didn’t even finish making the last bands😩🤦🏾‍♀️🙄'

One fan posted: 'Oh good he’s gonna build up people's hopes and never release they albums again! Can’t wait.'

A commenter said this: 'It’s point cause they never make it past a couple of songs then they go ghost. Y’all diddy don’t like anybody that’s going to be more successful than him. Look at all his other artists they either dead or fell off 🤷🏾‍♀️'

What do you think about Diddy bringing back the show?

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