Diddy Has A Message About Nigeria - Check It Out Here

Diddy Has A Message About Nigeria - Check It Out Here
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Diddy shared a message about Nigeria, and fans appreciated that he is trying to raise awareness about such an important subject. Check out his post below.

'My brother @burnaboygram called me and let me know what is going on in Nigeria, and it breaks my heart. I’ll help in any way I can. This fight we are in is a global one. Our path forward is through unity. #ENDSARS ✊🏿🇳🇬' Diddy captioned his post.

Someone said: 'What’s happening in Nigeria is more than that, northerners are suffering,' and another follower said: 'Thank you, brother. Our outcry won’t be in vain.. #ENDSARS 🚫'

A commenter posted this: 'Thanks, Diddy, this breaks my heart for my people.'

Someone else responded: 'SARS is a terrorist group that is called Special Anti Robbery meant to keep the people safe, but they choose to torment the youth, kill and detain unjustly. Stop and search your phone and laptop while driving; looking good is an offense to them that labels you a criminal.'

One follower said that 'in my own definition SARS is hostile criminals brought by the government to kill those who choose to say the right thing when they're wrong, they're diseases which will be infected to any citizen of Nigeria by the damn govt whenever the citizens try to speak the truth🙌.'

Someone else wrote: 'I can even see some police joining the protest... they are doing not because they really want to end it but because SARS now take 10% out from their salary... please if you're protesting with police around you just be guided... no trust any uniform man in that country.'

A follower commented: '@diddy God bless you for hearing the cry of the suffering youth. Our prayer will always be with you as you have listened to the cry of your African brother ✊✊✊❤️❤️❤️#ENDSARS#'

In other news, Diddy shared a post on his social media account hat managed to trigger a backlash from his fans. It’s a simple black picture, but some people had to say a lot.

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