Diddy Drops Another Message About 'Our Black Party': 'Help Us Control Out Destiny'

Diddy Drops Another Message About 'Our Black Party': 'Help Us Control Out Destiny'
Credit: BET

Diddy shares another message on his social media account about the new party he just revealed: 'OurBlack Party.' Check out what he has to say now.

'Trump has to go. It's bigger than November 3rd and the presidential election. I am committed to getting Trump out, but I care about the long term picture. Support @OurBlackParty and help us control our destiny,' Diddy captioned his video.

Someone said: 'AllBlackParty we right where Bobby Seales and Huey Newton left it, and I’m glad where here.. Our own Political Party they fear that ain’t no stopping.All Power to the People💪🏿'

A follower posted this message against President Donald Trump: 'Total agree with you trump is a clown 🤡 all people across the world need to realize that, and I always believe it’s not a black or white thing it’s a racist thing which needs to be stopped stop racism in the world we are all equal where does it say in history or in books that someone’s color makes them superior to the next man or women it’s hard enough living to stand up and be counted we are all equal vote trump out!!'

One other follower said: 'Thank you for spreading the truth and shedding light on what is happening in Armenia.'

One other commenter had this to say: 'Armenia is not under attack!! Azerbaijan is! Our city Ganja was bombarded twice, and more than 60 people died; among them are babies!!! Armenia has occupied 20% of legally and historically accepted Azerbaijani lands‼️ UN has condemned 4 resolutions, which demand an immediate and unconditional withdrawal of Armenian forces from the territories of Azerbaijan. Thus Karabakh and 7 regions‼️ KARABAKH IS AZERBAIJAN 🇦🇿 ‼️ STOP ARMENIAN TERRORISM.'

In other news, Diddy  is another celebrity who decided to use their platform to offer support to the Armenians.

Check out the photo that he posted on social media and some of the reactions that this message triggered.

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