Diddy Chooses Cassie And Kim Porter As His Leading Ladies, But Calls Kim, 'The One'

Diddy Chooses Cassie And Kim Porter As His Leading Ladies, But Calls Kim, 'The One'
Credit: BET

There's been a recent conversation between Diddy and Fat Joe on Instagram Live, which left a lot of people impressed. During the video, Diddy chose Cassie and Kim Porter as his leading ladies while listening to a classic jam.

More than that, Diddy made a lot of fans excited when he spoke about the love he had and still has for Kim, and he even revealed the monument he built in his garden to honor her.

The Shade Room shared the video and also made sure to note that 'he spoke on what Kim meant to him and warned all the “playas and playboys” not to mess around when they find a good one.'

'This is a special announcement PSA to all the playas. Playboys, you know. When you find that one, don’t be playing around with it. It’s rare, somebody that is going to understand you and be there for you unconditionally,' Diddy said as quoted by TSR.

Marlo Hampton hopped in the comments and said: 'That part right there GOD is running things.'

Somoene said this about Cassie: 'I’m so glad Cassie found her soulmate!!!!! Blessings to her always,' and someone else said: 'Moral of story is: give people their flowers why you still can 🙏🏾'

One other follower said: 'He had two good women in his life and let both of them go,' and someone else posted this message: 'He had to wait for her to die for him to realize that she was the one. How tragic.'

Someone else wrote: 'Well Cassie chose up and found exactly what she deserved. A man who knew her worth.'

Lots of people are regretting that Diddy only realized that Kim was the one after she was gone.

In other news, Diddy surprised his fans with a message in which he reveals that he just launched a news platform.

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