Diddy Calls Out The Grammys For Their Lack Of Respect For Hip-Hop - See The Video

Diddy Calls Out The Grammys For Their Lack Of Respect For Hip-Hop - See The Video
Credit: BET

Diddy had a few words for the Grammys when he was honored at the Pre-Grammy Gala. During his acceptance speech, he called out the Grammys for lack of respect towards hip hop.

The Shade Room revealed the following: 'Last night #Diddy was honored at the annual Pre-Grammy Gala, and during his acceptance speech he took the time to call out the #Grammys for their lack of respect, diversity and transparency toward the hip-hop community. #Swipe through to hear Diddy deliver a word as he calls for change!! 🙌🏾'

Someone said: 'He’ll never get another award from the academy again,' and another commenter posted this: 'I’ll never understand why they yearn for the approval of the white man so much.'

One follower said: 'The Grammys don’t show hip hop No luv. I stopped watching that bulls*it years ago ...'

A commenter believes that 'Our culture influences the entire industry and always has, yet we still seek validation from the imposters. They never wanted to give Will Smith the Grammy to get with. They never will want to.'

Someone else said: 'How about starting new record companies instead of going to the same 3 white-owned ones.'

A person believes that 'This has BEEN an issue. We should be VALIDATING ourselves since WE shape the culture. EVERYBODY wants a piece of what WE got.'

One other follower said: 'As he accepts his award and attends all parties and social events,' and a fan wrote: 'I don’t understand. Y’all make the Grammys a big deal. Y’all show out for the Grammys more than any BET award show. 🙄'

A fan believes that 'He’s not lying - way more hip hop artist deserves grammy from Nicki and Cole to young thug and future these ppl work for years wit so much music being made they deserve to be celebrated 👏🏾'

It's been recently revealed that Diddy was in awe to find out that his music is so inspirational for a bunch of kids who found strength in his music.

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