Diddy Calls Chadwick Boseman A King Following His Passing

Diddy Calls Chadwick Boseman A King Following His Passing
Credit: BET

Diddy has been sharing all kinds of messages following the tragic death of Chadwick Boseman and he continues to post in his memory. Check out the latest post that Diddy shared on his social media account below.

'Spoken like a true King. 🙏🏿🖤' Diddy said.

Someone posted this message: 'Rest in ✊🏼 to the 👑,Karma has doors to knock on for all those making fun of the brother while he was fighting for his life.'

Another follower said: 'This dude was not only a child's super hero...he was phenomenal 💖'

Someone else wrote this message: 'Rest in peace true hero of our generation, seems unfair, but just know we will live up to you teachings and your example.'

Another commenter said: 'That the spirit of who we ate as a black man like they always call us.'

One Instagrammer posted this: 'Missing our handsome/beautiful black brothers. Ya'll that remain, take care of your health and stay safe from the internal and external forces out here. Sister A.'

Someone else wrote: 'He was the epitome of letting God order your steps! Trust In Him.'

A fan said that 'He was fighting in silence this whole time. He was still delivering amazing roles. 4 whole years and some people were laughing at him when he lost weight some months ago. Sometimes you never truly know...'

One other follower posted: 'This is so very true. You will always feel like you slighted yourself.'

Someone else said: 'Chadwick Boseman was an amazing MAN. He had such a BIG HEART❤️truly BLESS and favored🙏🏾 thank you for all the great work you given to us all. YOU will TRULY be missed. My deepest condolences to his family. R.I.P. KING.'

In other news, Diddy posted a message on his social media account which managed to impress a lot of his fans. You should check out what he wrote on his IG account not too long ago.

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