Diddy Brings Camping Home For His Kids And Fans Are Here For It - Check Out The Family Video

Diddy Brings Camping Home For His Kids And Fans Are Here For It - Check Out The Family Video
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Diddy shared a video on his social media account in which his family is out there camping. The thing is that they are camping in the backyard!

Check out the surprise that Diddy prepared for the family in the video he shared on IG below.

'New episode of DIDDY + 6 “CAMPING WITH THE COMBS’ Watch now!!!' Diddy captioned his video that he shared on social media.

A follower said: 'I love this!!!!! Such a great dad and a beautiful family!' and one of Diddy's fans posted this: 'I still watch Prince sing Acuna Maatta from Lion King... Love the vibes and all the Love in here.'

Lots of people called Diddy the best dad ever, and they continued to praise him in the comments.

Someone else said: 'that's not camping, that more luxury camping, while in other news people are losing jobs and about to be homeless.'

A commenter said: 'Definitely was thinking about this week and was hoping you’d drop an episode ... YAAAY,' and someone else posted this: 'I must give you the father of the year award! You are the perfect example of what fatherhood is and should be. Thank you for showing g the world the example. Your children are so blessed.'

One other fan also praised Diddy's action and said: 'Love this...and I especially love how the young men spend time with their sisters. This will have a big impact on the girls when they start dating. BTW, what’s the name of that song y’all. I know it but I forgot.'

Someone else was also in love with this idea and said 'this is the kind of Glamping (glamorous camping) that I’m trying to do! Love this!'

Diddy made headlines not too long ago when he chose Cassie and Kim Porter as his leading ladies while listening to a classic jam.

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