Diddy Announces That He Is Changing His Name Legally To This -- Is There A Secret Meaning?

Diddy Announces That He Is Changing His Name Legally To This -- Is There A Secret Meaning?
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It is no secret that rapper Sean Combs -- better known as Diddy in recent years -- has a lot of trouble sticking to one name.

Diddy has gone through many different aliases over the years, which has also drawn some ridicule his way from some of his fans, who now treat this as a bit of an inside joke among themselves.

However, that does not seem to have dissuaded the rapper, as he has recently announced that he is changing his name, this time, legally -- and he will now be called Sean "Love" Combs.

Is Love the new nickname that Diddy would like to go by? It is getting a bit hard to keep track of the rapper's public image at this point because he does seem to have a thing for trying different names.

And while this has resulted in some confusion over the years. Diddy himself does not seem to care. In fact, he has even made references to that situation himself on some occasions, poking fun at his own desire to constantly go by something different.

Will this be his name for good? It is hard to tell, and it is perfectly possible that we might see the rapper changing to something else a few years from now.

Hopefully, the courts will not get too fed up with his attitude, though, because it is entirely possible that he might be denied any future requests if he continues to act like that.

It does not seem like Diddy himself cares too much, though, as he has just been having fun with the whole situation for the most part.

One person told the media mogul: "The one thing I love about you" you always give other artists a shout-out I'm telling you you are the real MVP.πŸ’ͺπŸ’™πŸ™"

A second commenter stated: "Every seed you plant for every expectation of life, it will grow and blossom and come to pass. πŸ™πŸΎ "

This social media user shared: "That’s so true. It’s frightening love and peace and friendship will bring joy for all."

Another backer wrote: "All about a dream coming true if support democratic that we coming from to understand love brother to brother all about shared life to support democratic backing again its history democratized its freed humanity all."

Will "Love" work as a nickname?

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