Diddy And Lori Harvey - The Truth About Their Dating Rumors!

Diddy And Lori Harvey - The Truth About Their Dating Rumors!
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Diddy and Lori Harvey have been seen spending time in each other’s company multiple times in the last few weeks, sparking romance rumors! People have been wondering whether they really are together or not and now the truth is finally out!

Steve Harvey’s step-daughter and the rapper have known each other for years and like to flirt but it doesn’t look like their relationship is heading anywhere serious.

Allegedly, they have been having some fun over the last few weeks but are not a couple nor are they planning on becoming one.

A source tells HollywoodLife that ‘Lori and Diddy are not seeing each other at this point. They were never officially a couple, but they did hang out a couple of times and there were flirtations there. But things have fizzled out between them and it was nothing more than a summer fling.’

As for the reason why they decided against dating, apparently, their age difference played a big role.

‘Ultimately, Lori couldn’t get past their age difference because they were just at completely different stages in their lives and wanted different things. There's no hard feelings between the two, they are both mature adults and have moved on. It is as simple as that.’

The romance speculations started this summer, in July, when they were seen on what seemed like a dinner date on the 24th.

People on social media were taken aback since Lori previously dated Diddy’s son, Justin!

But the hanging out did not stop there.

Diddy and Lori were also caught on camera with her mom and dad, Marjorie Elaine Harvey and Steve, in Nerano, Italy last month, making it seem like their relationship was evolving to a stage where he was meeting her parents!

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