Diddy Addresses Financial Justice - Check Out His Message Here

Diddy Addresses Financial Justice - Check Out His Message Here
Credit: The Guardian

Diddy talks about economic justice on his social media account. Check out the message that he shared and also see some of his fans' reactions to it.

'There is no justice without economic justice! We have to circulate the bag!!! ✊🏿' Diddy captioned his post.

Someone said: 'Yes let’s!!!!! I am here for it!!!' and one other follower said: 'It’s time! It’s been time. We need to make something shake.'

One commenter posted this message: '& yet you keep giving out these janky contracts to your BLACK ARTISTS,' and a commenter posted this: 'Great idea bruh why don't you get all all of the celebrities you know and athletes and put a million Plus in the pot start building community centers that can help our children like Chicago New York Philly excetera excetera.'

A fan said: 'and this list goes on of those who have been striving to open the eyes and realize this is the way,' and one other commenter said: 'I watched the Biggie documentary this weekend and if that doesn’t drive home your message right here - what will? Its time this world wakes up to what is possible and economic justice is absolutely a part of that equation. How do we help move this forward - every day people like me - how can i help?'

A commenter said: 'Says the guy who took everyone's bag 😂 Stop it DIDDY ', and one other follower posted this: 'Okay. Let’s start rich, black people like yourself. Y’all have the resources to start it up, and employ our people, and mane it so we can invest into upcoming projects.'

A follower hopped in the comments and said, 'The little I’m giving on my status to single mother, student and everyone else, I hope it helps.'


Stay tuned for more news about Diddy and his life.

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