Did Tyler Baltierra Cheat On Catelynn Lowell With A Man?

Did Tyler Baltierra Cheat On Catelynn Lowell With A Man?
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Earlier this year , Tyler Baltierra was accused of cheating on Catelynn Lowell, but now, Farrah Abraham revealed that the affair was not with another woman, but with a man!

“Yeah probably with a gay guy,” the 25 years old Braham said about the cheating scandal, adding “Okay, that’s my thought. You need a minute to digest that.”

As fans probably remember, Baltierra was accused of cheating on Lowell after Crazy Days and Nights reported the shocking rumor.

At the time, the couple took it lightly and made fun of the speculations.

“Damn it! We really tried keeping that a secret too! Well, I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist her/him…idk it was dark, and I was drunk,” Baltierra tweeted jokingly.

Now, after what Abraham said, the statement doesn’t sound so much like a joke anymore.

In December of 2016, Lowell’s mother also added to the rumors with her Facebook post in which she reportedly advised her daughter to dump Baltierra.

“Leave him! Forever! I am great! It’s my child I worry about,” the message read.

Soon after the frantic post made way to the press and fans, Lowell addressed the situation, claiming that it was not about her and Baltierra but her sister.

It's hard to believe what Farrah said considering she is she currently feuding with the married couple.

Maybe she wanted to spread further rumors?

At the Teen Mom OG reunion, Amber Portwood slapped Abraham for claiming her fiancé; Matt Baier looks like a pedophile and Lowell is on Portwood’s side.

Do you believe Farrah Abraham that Baltierra cheated on Catelynn with a man?


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  • Nate
    Nate May 1, 2017 6:52 AM PDT

    Farrah is the biggest bch in the world and i cant stomach her. She blames her problems on everyone else and acts like she cant deal with other people when shes the actual problem. I hate even looking at her. When i watch teen kon with my wife because we do everything together and i love that we do, neither one of us can watch farrahs segment because we hate her so much.

  • Ch
    Ch Apr 30, 2017 1:46 AM PDT

    I don't believe anything Farrah says. Who would?

  • Anna L allen
    Anna L allen Apr 29, 2017 1:08 PM PDT

    First off, Farrah is a pysco. She's so jealous of Tyler and cate cause they are so happy and secure. Same with her other co stars. She thinks she's so perfect, and her daughter, omg, she's worse so worse. Secondly, how can ANYONE believe her anyway?

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