Did Travis Scott Cancel A Concert Tonight Due To Kylie Being In Labor?

Did Travis Scott Cancel A Concert Tonight Due To Kylie Being In Labor?
Source: bet.com

We have learned that Travis Scott canceled one of his concerts! Did he do it for Kylie?

People started speculating that his baby mama Kylie Jenner may be in labor and he pulled the plug on his gig to be by her side.

Even some reports took this idea and ran with it…but is that the case?

The said concert was supposed to take place in Minneapolis tonight.

As fans of Keeping Up with the Kardashians definitely know, Kylie is pregnant with her and Travis’ first child.

In addition to that, reportedly, her due date is not too far away so many thought it's possible that she is already in labor or that the baby is actually here already!

However, if you were looking forward to meeting the new addition to the reality TV family, don’t get your hopes up because, in reality, the reason why the concert was canceled was a mixture of both the weather and ‘logical reasons.’

But aside from this one performance, Travis Scott is planning to attend his other gig this weekend, one which has Gucci Mane as the headliner.

Jenner’s baby daddy seems way too busy! He should maybe slow down a little and spend more time with her instead!

One insider told us that Travis has no plans of changing his lifestyle in any way even after the baby arrives.

‘Kylie’s pregnancy was not planned, and although he is excited about the baby, Travis is not planning on radically altering his life, at all. When Kylie got pregnant Travis never acted like he was going to be a model dad, he has made it clear that she won’t want for money at all, but he has never intended to put his career on ice so he can sit around at home with her night after night,’ the source dished.


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