Did TI's Side-Piece Asia’h Epperson Take Shots At Tiny Harris During Her Birthday?

Did TI's Side-Piece Asia’h Epperson Take Shots At Tiny Harris During Her Birthday?
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Fans on Instagram think that TI's alleged side-piece, Asia'h Epperson, is dissing Tiny Harris, albeit in a subtle manner. The 29-year-old model posted a photo of herself on Instagram on the same day as Tiny's 43rd birthday.

While it seems like a harmless action, other fans suspect that the shade was very cryptic. One of her messages read, "many can see the image but few can get the picture."

And another one said, "this that type of all-natural money can't buy." She hash-tagged it with, "God's Work." As fans of the couple know, Tiny Harris has gotten plastic surgery numerous times in the past, including liposuction, butt implants, and breast implants.

For this reason, social media fans think her comments on the same day as Harris' birthday are an insinuation that she is real, and Tiny is fake. Not only has Tiny had plastic surgery, but she also had her eye color changed to "ice gray."

The singer went to Africa to get the surgery done because it's supposedly illegal in the United States. Regarding Asia'h's Instagram feed, the fans' comments eventually got so heated, that Asia'h decided to address them directly.

She wrote in response to one fan that she was "embracing natural women!" Asia'h added that she and the rest of her team would be deleting all of the comments that aren't positive, and that are suggesting she and Tiny are beefing.

In another comment, Asia'h again stated that her Instagram captions weren't pointed toward anyone in particular, but fans aren't buying that. As it was previously reported, TI was busted hanging out with a mystery woman while backstage at his show in Indiana on the 16th of June.

And just a few days after the video came out, TI said he and the kids weren't together after the release of the video.

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