Did The Palace Just Reveal Prince Harry And Meghan Markle’s Royal Baby Name?

Did The Palace Just Reveal Prince Harry And Meghan Markle’s Royal Baby Name?
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The world is anxiously awaiting the arrival of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's first child. It is royal baby mayhem with people looking for any clues or signs regarding any detail of the soon to be newest member of the family.

Today royal watchers are convinced Buckingham Palace has released a list of names The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are considering naming the royal baby. It is being called a "hiccup" in the official palace website and is a theory only those with a lot of time on their hands could have decoded.

Entertainment Tonight shared royal fans discovered typing specific male names into the royal URL address would redirect users back to the homepage. For example, one if a person typed “prince-arthur, "prince-alexander" or "/prince-james" after www.royal.uk, then the user was redirected back to the homepage. However, if names with a less monarchy sound to them, such as Rupert or Donald, were typed in then users were directed to an error indicating the page was not found.

Despite the very thought out fan theory, the British Royal Palace has denied the speculation it not only gave away the list of names but the gender of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's first child as well.

"A large number of search term redirects were set up some time ago on royal.uk. This was in order to improve user experience," a spokesperson for Buckingham palace shared with NBC . The same person also noted other names proceeded by "prince" or “princess" would produce the same results.

There is no method to the madness that the palace has accidentally released a list of potential royal baby names. However, the statement has done very little to stop royal watchers from still trying to determine the name and sex of Baby Sussex.

Until Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announce the sex and name of their baby, royal watchers are going to keep scrutinizing every little clue about the baby. Back in February, Markle's baby shower was reportedly decked out in blue, sparking rumors the baby was a boy. A few weeks ago, though, fan theories were convinced Serena Williams accidentally revealed the child was a girl.

Meghan Markle is due any day now, but royal watchers won't necessarily know the minute the baby is born. Prince Harry and his wife are intent on keeping the birth of their first child private . The public will be informed via a photoshoot of the family when the Duke and Duchess of Sussex decide the timing is right.

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