Did T.I. Just Insult & Curse Tamar Braxton Amidst Her Reconciling With Vincent Herbert Rumors?

Did T.I. Just Insult & Curse Tamar Braxton Amidst Her Reconciling With Vincent Herbert Rumors?
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It seems that T.I. had some harsh words for Tamar Braxton after inviting Khia and TS Madison to a show performed by Xscape. Check out what really happened.

Khia and TS stated that they were not welcomed the right way when they went to sing alongside Tamar and they never made it to the stage.


TS claimed that they were going to perform alongside Tamar and Khia said that Xcape members tried to kick them out.

The Jasmine Brand obtained the information and according to the report, The Queens Court hosts even had weapons. There are also reports that these two fought with Toya Wright.

It seems that Khia and TS eventually left, but this is not the way this story ends. Khia stated that the real drama went down with T.I.

When Tip stormed into Tamar's dressing room he cussed her out, and Khia really believes that he is part of the reason for which they didn't make it on stage.

'Tiny the best thing you could ever do was divorce T.I.,' Khia said in a clip from The Queens Court.

'That was the best decision you could have made ’cause he ain’t nothing but a b*tch a** n*gga.'

According to Khia, Tip managed to avoid direct interaction with them.

'I was staring him down,' Khia said, recalling their non-altercation when Tip popped up backstage. 'He didn’t turn his head or neck and talk to us.'


The whole thing might be because Tip looked like he was on a mission. Khia stated that he even wanted police intervention for this entire situation.

'He came in asking for the sheriff. He passed by two real b*tches, went into Tamar’s dressing room and roasted her, her mother and her grandmother in front of her children,' Khia remembers.

'I think he was the one being disrespectful and disorderly. Tip, how you are gonna go in there and cuss out Tamar, her mother, and her grandmama, and her sisters?' Khia continued.

'And you act like we were the ones that were disrespectful and disorderly,' Khia concluded. Tamar didn't comment about this probably because she has her own problems with Vincent Herbert, and T.I. still has to respond to these accusations.


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