Did Meghan Markle Order Prince Harry To Get A Job Now That They Quit Being Royals?

Did Meghan Markle Order Prince Harry To Get A Job Now That They Quit Being Royals?
Credit: Source: Sussex Royal/Instagram

Did Meghan Markle order Prince Harry to get a job now that they quit being royals? As news broke that Meghan and Harry have left Canada and are setting up their residence in Los Angeles, people are now asking if the couple is strapped for money. The topic is discussed in the upcoming April 6, 2020, issue of the National Enquirer where a source told the publication that Meghan ordered Prince Harry to get a job! The outlet quotes a source who says that the duo now has a debt of $8 million and Meghan is feeling the pressure.

The source, who remained anonymous, told the National Enquirer that Meghan ordered Prince Harry to get a job —or else! The source continued to say the following.

"This debt is a massive blow to their ambitious plan to become freewheeling global billionaires! Meghan's terrified her champagne dreams of being a Hollywood queen will be shattered by this financial nightmare and is insisting Harry get off his duff and solve the crisis. But the big problem is Harry has no marketable skills! He's never had a formal job! He has no university degree and no second language. He only has military training. Harry's given up royal life for his rebel American wife, but his sacrifice is blowing up in his face. Their marriage is strained to a breaking point!"

The report also comes amid Prince Charles' positive Coronovirus diagnosis and many say that Prince Harry has been distraught that his grandmother, grandfather, and father would become vulnerable to the disease. Though the Queen and Prince Philip have been under quarantine, Prince Charles' diagnosis has many royals in fear that they too could catch the virus.

Meghan Markle landed her first voice-over role with Disney and the public saw that it was due to her royal connections that she landed the gig. Prince Harry was overheard speaking to Disney President Bob Iger where the royal touted his wife's voice-over acting skills. Now, Meghan has landed a coveted role.

What do you think? Do you believe the report? Do you think now that Meghan Markle has landed a Disney voice-over gig she's making more demands on Prince Harry?


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