Did Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott Split? The Rapper Leaves Wiz Khalifa’s Birthday With A Mystery Woman

Did Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott Split? The Rapper Leaves Wiz Khalifa’s Birthday With A Mystery Woman
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Travis Scott was seen leaving Poppy in West Hollywood with a new lady! But what about his girlfriend? Where was Kylie Jenner? Have they split?

Everyone is wondering what is going on after Travis was spotted leaving Wiz Khalifa's birthday party at Poppy in West Hollywood, California with someone else on September 8.



MediaTakeOut outlet claims that the word on the street is that he and Kylie have parted ways.

The woman whom he left with has not yet been identified and could be just a friend, but it does seem rather odd that he was leaving a party with a woman who was other than Kylie.

Last month, the two of them celebrated Kylie’s 20th birthday, and they appeared to be in a great spot, and he completely spoiled her!

Back then it was not just about the gifts, as a close source stated that he was going all out to do anything to make Kylie happy because he really cared a lot about her.

'The extra effort Travis displayed brought a huge smile to Kylie‘s face, as she has seen on more than a few occasions the lengths Travis is willing to go to make her happy,' the insider stated back then.

'The date night wasn’t as extravagant or expensive as their outings usually are, but money wasn’t important to Kylie. She appreciated the gesture and the love that Travis showed her by putting all of this together,' the source continued.



'Plus, she’s been working so hard lately on her business that a nice, relaxing night with her man and her family is exactly what the doctor ordered.'

Travis also managed to surprise Kylie by setting up a string orchestra to play for her. So it seems quite weird that the two of them would have problems in their relationship since things were going so well.

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  • Deborah
    Deborah Sep 10, 2017 6:52 AM PDT

    Travis , is going to do what ever other man does. Hit and run. They look around and see what happens. To Brucie , Lamar , Kanye and Scott. Kanye will end up out of his mind or dead . Kummy will keep everything.

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