Did Kylie Jenner Purposely Not Have A Baby With Tyga? Source Claims Kylie Did Not Want Rapper's Baggage!

Did Kylie Jenner Purposely Not Have A Baby With Tyga? Source Claims Kylie Did Not Want Rapper's Baggage!
Source: Stylecaster

The news that Kylie Jenner is expecting has got everyone in a fizzy. The makeup mogul has not yet confirmed the news, but the silence could be speaking for itself. The most surprising factor in the event is that the social media queen is having a baby with her boyfriend of only five months, Travis Scott.

If it's suspicious to you that Kylie was with Tyga for 3 years and didn't get pregnant, but is now a mommy-to-be with someone she's dated less than half the year - you're not alone.

The pregnancy may or may not be planned. But an insider is reporting that the one thing that's for sure is that she did not want to conceive with her ex-boyfriend.

What exactly is it that she saw fit about Travis Scott to make him worthy of being the father to her baby? It's unknown to be exact.

Scott is a great guy. Musically talented, successful, and a family man, so it's not hard to see why Jenner is smitten by the 25-year-old.

However, there is one thing that Travis doesn't have that Tyga does -- baggage.

Tyga is known for his rumored financial troubles and his relationship with his baby mama, Blac Chyna. Jenner knew that if she did end up having a child with Tyga it would be a minimal 18-year commitment.

A source explained: "Kylie knew that she'd never have a real future with Tyga once Blac Chyna was pregnant with her brother's child. She knew it would be weird! Tyga also doesn't have his s*** together so Kylie had two options: be young and single or find someone that she actually sees a future with."

Tyga has since then moved on with a woman that looks shockingly similar to Kim Kardashian. Although he's clearly seeing other women, he joked about the baby being his and not Travis' before deleting the post.

Do you think the source is right about Kylie's intentions?

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