Did Kim Kardashian Defy Kourtney's Rules By Posting Mason Disick's Photo On Instagram?

Did Kim Kardashian Defy Kourtney's Rules By Posting Mason Disick's Photo On Instagram?
Credit: Source: KIm Kardashian/Instagram

Did Kim Kardashian defy Kourtney's rules by posting Mason Disick's photo on Instagram? Some are wondering what is really going on with Kim and Kourtney after the sisters started the new season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians (KUWK) in a physical fight. Now that Mason Disick has been banned from social media, his aunt Kim shared a photo of the two on her own Instagram, and people have questions. Mason was full of smiles and seemed to be thrilled to be back online! At only 10-years-old, Mason demonstrated that he is a savvy TikToker and Instagramer when he created his own accounts, went live, and immediately went viral. Mason spilled the tea, started an online war with Jeffree Star, and got banned all in less than 24 hours. It seems that Kourtney is going to have her hands full keeping Mason away from social media and now that he's on Kim's page, some are wondering if it won't fuel the fire and urge him to try and create a new channel.

It is most likely all harmless and was just Kim's way of showing her love to Mason but it does seem that Mason has a way of getting his aunts into trouble. Of course, it's possible that posting a photo of Kim and Mason was her idea — but if you've ever been around a 10-year-old kid who got a taste of fandom (he was bragging about how many likes he had on his viral video) it's also possible that Mason begged Kim to post the picture!

You may see the photo that Kim Kardashian shared of herself with Mason Disick below.

Additionally, Khloe and Mason were slammed by people after the 10-year-old slept over his Aunt Khloe's house and the two went to Kourtney's and left streams of toilet paper everywhere.

Kourtney posted a video of Penelope standing in the yard where the toilet paper was covering trees. She announced that she saw Mason and Aunt KoKo do it.

People were furious that toilet paper was wasted in such a manner, especially when it is in high demand across the nation.

But the question must also be asked, whose idea was it to toilet paper Kourtney's house? Was it Auntie KoKo's or little Mason Disick's?

Either way, they're going to have to keep a careful eye on that boy — he's got pranks!

What do you think? Is Mason Disick the one really running the show? Is he getting his aunts to break the rules and defy Kourtney's orders? One can only imagine what kind of stories Mason will tell when he is finally allowed on social media!

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