Did Joy-Anna Duggar's Baby's Birth Put An End To The Shotgun Wedding Rumors?

Did Joy-Anna Duggar's Baby's Birth Put An End To The Shotgun Wedding Rumors?
Source: Duggar Family Instagram

Counting On star Joy-Anna Duggar and her husband Austin Forsyth have welcomed their first child, a little boy named they named Gideon Martyn, and he arrived 39 weeks after his parents tied the knot. Does this mean the shotgun wedding rumors will finally come to an end?

Ever since Duggar announced she was expecting a baby just a few weeks after getting married , many people questioned her date of conception. And, the rumors of a shotgun wedding continued to escalate throughout her pregnancy.

According to The Hollywood Gossip , from the beginning, the 20-year-old has claimed that she got pregnant on her honeymoon, but many had their doubts and believed the truth would come out when the baby arrived.


Conspiracy theorists believed the baby would come weeks ahead of schedule and it would expose a lie that the family has been trying to cover up for months – that Duggar and Forsyth had sex before marriage and got pregnant, forcing them to move their wedding from October to May.

Some tabloids went as far as to consult doctors, with some claiming that her baby bump photos proved she was farther along than she claimed.

As fans are aware, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar do not allow their unmarried children to kiss, hold hands, or be alone with the person they are courting. So, if Joy-Anna would have gotten pregnant before marriage, it would have been a huge scandal and a big hit on the family’s wholesome reputation.

But, Gideon arrived on February 23rd – nine months after his parents said “I do” on May 26th – which means she got pregnant in Switzerland on her honeymoon, just as Joy-Anna claimed all along.

And, it’s not hard to believe after seeing the seventh season premiere of Counting On . Duggar and Forsyth couldn’t keep their hands off of each other while enjoying a variety of activities that included hang gliding, skiing, and chocolate-making.


They continued to kiss everywhere they went, and when producers asked them about their favorite part of the trip, Forsyth’s answer was very telling.

“I think I’m going to have to plead the fifth,” said Forsyth, as Duggar busted out laughing.

Obviously, the newlyweds were enjoying the fact that they finally got to be alone together, and Joy-Anna Duggar admitted that not having a chaperone was different, but cool because they can go anywhere they want together without someone watching.

Fans will get the chance to see more of the young couple as the new season of Counting On continues Monday nights on TLC.


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