Did James Corden Let Harry Styles And Olivia Wilde Live Together In His Home?

Did James Corden Let Harry Styles And Olivia Wilde Live Together In His Home?
Credit: Source: Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde/Instagram

Did James Corden help Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde keep their relationship a secret? Did he let the couple move into his house so they could be together? Harry Styles ' fans (called Harries) are dissecting every bit of gossip that is circulating surrounding Harry's rumored relationship with Olivia Wilde . Olivia is currently directing Harry for her upcoming film Don't Worry Darling and rumors abound that the two are now a couple.

Now, a report by Page Six states that James Corden had plenty to do with protecting the couple's budding relationship.

While many people suspect that Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde are simply pretending to be involved for added publicity, Page Six exclusively reported that Harry has been introducing Olivia to his friends as his girlfriend. Additionally, the publication stated that Harry has been staying at James Corden's house while filming the movie and this allowed for Oliva and Harry to have plenty of private time together.

Page Six exclusively reported the following.

This relationship between Harry and Olivia is very new. Olivia has been directing Harry in the movie in Palm Springs, and there were literally 10 people on the set, because they were strictly adhering to COVID rules. Harry had been staying at James Corden’s house near Palm Springs during filming, and so they were able to be alone and keep their relationship very secret. So everyone was really surprised — and rather delighted — when Harry brought Olivia as his date to the wedding, and introduced her as his girlfriend.

You may see Page Six's report below.

Though Page Six's source said that Harry had been staying at James Corden's house, The Sun ran the story that Olivia Wilde has been living at Harry Style's house as well. That might be reading a bit more into what the source said to Page Six. Either way, many people don't believe the two are really a couple and think this is just a publicity stunt to stir up interest for Don't Worry Darling .

You may see The Sun's report below.

What do you think? Do you believe that Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde are truly a couple? Do you think they were living together at James Corden's house?


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