Did Hilaria Baldwin Use A Surrogate With Baby Lucia Because Eduardo Was A Boy?

Did Hilaria Baldwin Use A Surrogate With Baby Lucia Because Eduardo Was A Boy?
Credit: Source: Hilaria Baldwin/Instagram

Hilaria Baldwin shocked people when in the first few days of March, she revealed the couple added to their family of five. Sharing a photo of herself with her children that included six-month-old baby boy Eduardo, Hilaria's, and Alec Baldwin 's newborn daughter Lucia was pictured nestled by her mother and siblings. The Internet erupted with speculation regarding how and why Hilaria had another baby so soon. Some even theorized it was a hoax to teach the media a lesson!

Now, sources are reporting to multiple outlets that Hilaria used a surrogate in order for Lucia to be born. As she would have arranged a surrogate while she was pregnant with Eduardo, multiple people are weighing in on what would have motivated the couple to make such a life-altering decision while pregnant.

The couple had three sons and one daughter when Hilaria was pregnant. She suffered two back-to-back miscarriages and revealed that one of the babies she lost was a little girl. Could it be when Alec and Hilaria found out they were having another boy they took action to ensure that they didn't wait much longer to have a little girl?

If so, does this mean the couple is one having children?

You may see an article by People weighing in on whether it is the public's business how many children Alec and Hilaria have and how they got them below.

Hilaria was clearly thrilled over baby Lucia. She captioned a sweet Instagram photo of the newborn baby with the following.

We are so in love with our daughter. Just like your brothers and sisters, you are a dream come true.

Were you surprised by the news Hilaria and Alec welcomes a daughter so soon after they had baby Eduardo. It appears Eduardo and Lucia will be raised practically like twins with their ages so close together!

What do you think about the theory that Hilaria and Alec wanted a girl so badly that they went the surrogate route when they find out Hilaria was pregnant with another boy?


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