Did DJ Pauly D Get Plastic Surgery?

Did DJ Pauly D Get Plastic Surgery?
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Pauly D has been known for the Gym Tan Laundry routine from the very first season 'Jersey Shore' graced our screens. The DJ was spotted on a beach with his best friend, Vinny Guadagnino, looking extra fit and new reports claim that it may not be just from the hard work that he puts in at the gym every day.

The perfectly chiseled abs are rumored to be a result of abdominal etching. Even if the reality star went under for the procedure, it requires well-defined abs to begin with.

A doctor spoke to Hollywood Life to confirm that Pauly went the extra mile.

"Yes, it does appear that Pauly may have had abdominal etching performed. This is a cosmetic surgery where liposuction is used to sculpt fat around the edges of the abdominal muscles to make it look like someone has a six-pack. Basically, the fat is removed from the periphery of the muscles to make the muscles look bigger and more defined. This is a growing procedure among men," Dr. You explained.


Another medical professional agreed and revealed an easy way to spot when someone has abdominal etching.

"If you look at the form of the ‘six-pack’, you see that the lines between the muscles are totally horizontal. In real life, though, the tendons between the heads of the rectus muscles slope downward slightly kind of like the limbs on a Christmas tree do from the trunk. Also, each of these muscles looks like it has a smooth rounded edge which is also not anatomically correct."

Vinny and Pauly were in Cancun to help bring back MTV's infamous spring break events. The two are preparing for the premiere of their Bacheloresque dating show called 'A Double Shot At Love.'

It has also been rumored that the 38-year-old is dating his co-star Jenni 'J-Woww' Farley but it turns out the two are just friends .

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