Did 'Counting On' Star Joy-Anna Duggar Get Pregnant Before She Said 'I Do' To Austin Forsyth?

Did 'Counting On' Star Joy-Anna Duggar Get Pregnant Before She Said 'I Do' To Austin Forsyth?
Source: Us Weekly

Another day and another Duggar baby is on its way. And, this time there are rumors of a shotgun wedding and a baby conceived out of wedlock!

Joy-Anna Duggar-Forsyth, 19, and her husband Austin Forsyth, 23, told People magazine that they are expecting their first child. After the magazine article, the couple took to social media, and a posted a baby announcement and a picture of Duggar-Forsyth’s baby bump. And, this is where the rumors start to fly.

“We’re so happy and thankful to announce that we’re expecting a baby!” Duggar-Forsyth said. “Every child is such a precious gift from God. I’m most looking forward to watching Austin as a dad and raising children together with him.”

The couple were married after a quick 3-month engagement on May 26, 2017, at Cross Church in Rogers, Arkansas. This was quite the surprise, because their registry on The Knot had their ceremony scheduled for October 28, 2017. So why the change of date? Many believe it’s because Duggar-Forsyth got pregnant.

Looking at her baby bump on Instagram , some believe it is way too big for her to only be three months pregnant.


Dr. Stuart Fischer, who is not Joy-Anna Duggar-Forsyth’s physician and has not treated her, told Radar Online that from the picture, she looks “four to five months pregnant.”

However, the couple says their first child is due in February. Which would mean she did get pregnant after her wedding day.

Duggar-Forsyth has been a bit of a rebel in the Duggar family. Hand touching and hugs were seen during different episodes of Counting On. The hand touching occurred before the pair was engaged. And the hug came after the marriage proposal.

Fans of Counting On , a spinoff of 19 Kids & Counting , are well aware that no hand touching is allowed until a couple is engaged. And hugs? Absolutely not until marriage. Side hugs are the only acceptable form of affection. These strict courting rules (not dating) are a result of the extremely conservative religious beliefs of the Duggar clan.

Premarital sex and a pre-wedding pregnancy would be quite the rebellion for a Duggar child. But, no one will know for sure until the Forsyth baby arrives next year. Even then, we may never know when the baby was actually conceived. However, that doesn’t mean the social media and tabloid speculation will ever die down.


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